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Art Pesca

Art Pesca
Country: Italy

Recreational squid fishng products include the following:

Sinker divergente
Ossigenatore a batteria
Ossigenatore a corrente 220W.
Totanara dragon
Totanara angeli trasp.
Totanara ang. trasp. bain.
Totanara intermittente big
Totanara intermittente luccioletta
Totanara intermittente con stelo
Totanara a tenuta stagna int.
Totanara porta starlight
Totanara a 22 aghi arti.
Totanara a doppio cestello gra.
Totanara a doppio cestello pic.
Cestello artigianale
Cestello per totanara
Totanara ercolanese
Totanara madreperla porta starlight

Company Homepage

More info about this company (including product photos)

Manufactured Products:
Prawn jigs YES
Commercial jigs YES
Baited jags YES
Squid hooks YES
Octopus Jigs
Homemade jig parts
Fishing Line
Egi rods
Commercial fishing gear
Dried squid
Canned squid
Frozen squid
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Last Modified: 11 July 2006