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Colman's Squid Jig Warehouse

Colman's Squid Jig Warehouse
Country: USA

29903 43rd Ave. S.
Auburn, WA 98001
United States

Products Include:

6 Angles Prism Luminous Squid Jig
Soft Luminous Squid Jig
Small Luminous Squid Jig
Small Coastal Squid Jig
Jumbo Humboldt 8" Luminous Squid Jig
Puget Sound Squid Teaser™ Squid Jigs
Puget Sound Squid Teaser Non-weighted
Puget Sound Squid Teaser Tiny Teasers (Weighted)
Puget Sound Squid Teaser Bullet Head (Weighted)
Puget Sound Squid Teaser Bottom Bouncer (Weighted)
Puget Sound Squid Teaser Squid Bomb (Weighted)
Puget Sound Squid Teaser Squid Dart (Weighted)
Puget Sound Squid Teaser Squid Claw
Martinetti ™ Squid Jigs
Big Eye Slayer
Wide Eye Slayer
Rainbow Fish Luminous Squid Jig
Tiger Fish Luminous Squid Jig
Tiger Prawn Luminous Squid Jig
Sunset Wave Squid Jig
Pink Lady Prawn Squid Jig
Lazer Prawn Squid Jig
Super Squid Hunter Squid Jig
Prawn BS Squid Jigs
Prawn SS Squid Jigs
Prawn WT Squid Jigs
Lighted Squid Jigs
Baited Squid Jigs

Company Homepage

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Manufactured Products:
Prawn jigs YES
Commercial jigs YES
Baited jags YES
Squid hooks YES
Octopus Jigs
Homemade jig parts YES
Fishing Line
Lights YES
Egi rods
Commercial fishing gear
Dried squid
Canned squid
Frozen squid
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Last Modified: 11 July 2006