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Forman Tech Co.,Ltd

Forman Tech Co.,Ltd
Country: Korea

#1109 Golden City Officetel,
52-3, Bupyung-dong 4-ga Jung-gu
Busan 600-074 Korea

Auto Squid Jigging Machine - with two reels (made in Korea or made in Japan):
1. Model : NBJ-2002 ( Korean-made )
2. Model : HAMADE MY-3DP ( Japan-made )
3. Model : HAMADE MY-10 ( Japan-made )
4. Model : HAMADE MY-7 ( Japan-made, new )
5. Model : SANMEI SE-UT01 ( Japan-made )
6. Model : SANMEI SN-H ( Japan-made, new )

Underwater Lighting System
1. NB (Korean Made)
2. TAKUYO WB-SWSY (Japan-made)
3. HAMADE DF-23 (Japan Made)

High quality Squid Jigs made with stainless steel squid hooks without plating.

Colors : Pink, Red, Green, Yellow Green, Yellow, Blue, Light Blue, Light Green, Orange, Luminous

Typical and Well-used Squid Jigs

For The North Pacific Ocean and The Peruvian Ocean squid fishing,
1. Spring Jigs (FG-1,2,3,4)
2. Double Line Pattern (Luminous) Jigs (FDL-1,2 and FDLL-1,2)
3. Triple Jigs (FT-1,2)
4. Soft (Triple) Jigs (FST-1 and FS-1-N)
5. Triple Luminous Jigs (FTL-1)
6. Throw Jigs, Air Jigs, Flat Jigs
7. Triple Jigs of Large Size (FT-L-1)
8. Double Jigs of Large Size (FD-L-1)
9. (Triple or Double) Pick Jigs (FTP-1 and FDP-1 and FP-1,2-N)
10. 8-Angles Transparent Jigs (FA-1-N)

For Falkland and New Zealand squid fishing,
1. Soft (Luminous) Jigs (FS-1,2,3 and FSL-1,2,3)
2. Ulite (Luminous) Jigs (FUL-1,2 and FU-1,2,3)
3. 8-Angles Transparent Jigs (FA-1,2)
4. Acryl Transparent Jigs (FAT-1,2,3)
5. Pick Jigs (FP-1,2,3)
6. Pick Luminous Jigs (FPL-1,2,3,4)
7. Manual Stained Luminous Jigs (FM-1)

For Sports squid fishing,
1. Yarika Jigs
2. Lure Jigs

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Manufactured Products:
Prawn jigs YES
Commercial jigs YES
Baited jags
Squid hooks YES
Octopus Jigs
Homemade jig parts
Fishing Line
Egi rods
Commercial fishing gear YES
Dried squid
Canned squid
Frozen squid
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Last Modified: 11 July 2006