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Yanti Yongjin Fishing Tackle Co.,Ltd

Yanti Yongjin Fishing Tackle Co.,Ltd
Country: China

Address: Nanjie 94 Gongjiadao Zhichu Zhifu District Yantai China

Flat Jig
Front Rollers (for Auto Jigger)
Squid Jig (YS)
Soft Luminous Jig (YSH)
Auto Ulite Jig
Coastal Jig
Squid Jig ( YP )
Squid Splitter
Underwater Lamps
Stainless Throw Jigs
Peru Jumbo Throw Jigs
Leisure Jigs

Yanti Yongjin Fishing Tackle Co.,Ltd. invested by korea YONJIN industrial Co.,Ltd. and was founded in May 1994. YONGJIN is located in the west of Yantai China , merely 9 kilometers away from the seaport and the railway station and 13 kilometers away from the airport.

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Manufactured Products:
Prawn jigs YES
Commercial jigs YES
Baited jags YES
Squid hooks YES
Octopus Jigs
Homemade jig parts
Fishing Line
Lights YES
Egi rods
Commercial fishing gear YES
Dried squid
Canned squid
Frozen squid
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Last Modified: 11 July 2006