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Squid Fishing Companies Database





AG Angler Taiwan http://www.agmz.com.tw/agjig/index.asp
Ahi USA USA http://www.ahiusa.com
Amano Fishing Tackle Japan http://www.amanotsurigu.com
Anyhooks Corporation Korea http://www.ec21.com/co/a/anyhooks/index.html
Art Pesca Italy http://www.artpesca.it
Beko Group India http://www.beko.co.in/fishing.htm
BOXCO TAIWAN LTD Taiwan http://www.boxco.com.tw
Breaden Japan http://breaden.net
Candy Catchers USA http://www.candycatchers.com
Changzhou Ruilong Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd China http://www.luresfishing.com
Colman's Squid Jig Warehouse USA http://www.squidjig.com
Comerfish Greece http://www.comerfish.com
COMKING China http://www.comkingfishingtackle.com
Commercial Marine South Africa http://www.commercialmarine.co.za
D.A.P.S. Snc Italy http://www.daps.it
Daiichi Seiko Japan http://www.fishing-daiichiseiko.co.jp
DAIWA - Cormoran Sportartikel GmbH Germany http://www.daiwa-cormoran.info
Daiwa Seiko Inc Japan http://www.daiwaseiko.co.jp/fishing/
Dong Ah Fishing Gear Company Korea http://www.hi-fishing.com
Dong Wa Korea http://www.dong-wa.com
DTD Croatia http://www.dtd.hr
Dynaparts Taiwan http://dynaparts.com.tw
Ednor Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Co Pty Ltd Australia
Esse Sports Korea http://essesports.en.ec21.com
F.I.T. Fishing Gear & Tackles Korea http://www.fitfishing.com
F-Hayashi Japan http://www.f-hayashi.com
Forman Tech Co.,Ltd Korea http://www.ec21.com/co/f/forman/index.html
FUJI-TOKI., LTD Japan http://www.fujitoki.co.jp
G&G Netting Company China http://www.supercatchfishing.com
Gear Lab Japan http://www.gear-lab.com
GLADIATOR Tackle Australia http://www.topcatch.com.au
Hainan Excess Enterprise & Trading Co., Ltd China http://www.ec21.com/co/e/excess/index.html
Harimitsu Co.,Ltd Japan http://www.harimitsu.co.jp/
Hayabusa Japan http://www.hayabusa.co.jp
HD-CRAFT Japan http://www.za.ztv.ne.jp/hersheys-bottle
HIGH HOPE INTERNATIONAL GROUP China http://www.lee-fishinggear.com
Hi-SPORT INDUSTRIAL LTD China http://www.hi-sport.com
Honesea Trading Co., Ltd. China http://www.honesea.com
Hoshino Japan http://homepage2.nifty.com/HOSHINO/
INNOVATION ENGINEERING PTY LTD Australia http://www.aussiefishingtackle.com.au
International Trade Service Inc. Korea http://www.itsfishing.org
ISOURCE INTERNATIONAL CO Japan http://isource.at.infoseek.co.jp/squids_jigs.htm
Izorline International Inc USA http://www.izorline.com
Jackall Brothers Japan http://www.jackall.co.jp
Jarvis Walker Australia http://www.jarviswalker.com.au
Jeongwoo Industrial Company Limited Korea http://www.suntops.com
Jeros Tackle Company Incorporated USA
JINGO, Inc Japan http://www.a-tackle-up.com/jingo/
Juicy Jigs LLC USA http://www.juicyjigs.com
Juro Oz Pro Tackle Australia http://www.jurofishing.com
Kanji International Inc Japan - USA http://www.kanji-international.com
Katsuichi Japan http://www.katsuichi.co.jp/
KeyStone Co.,Inc Japan http://www.k-stone.co.jp/
Kokoda Fishing Australia http://www.kokodafishing.com
Komo Japan http://www.komo1091.com
Korea Marine Industrial Co., Ltd Korea http://www.ec21.com/co/k/kmarine/index.html
KUNSHAN HANLONG TRADE CO., LTD. China http://www.kshanlong.com
LINEAEFFE spa Italy http://www.lineaeffe.it
Lurestreet Australia http://www.lurestreet.com
MARS Japan http://www.ashiya.co.jp/mars/main.htm
Marukyu Japan http://www.marukyu.com
Misaki Japan http://www.misaki-net.com
Misaki Fishing Tools (Dalian) Co., Ltd China http://www.misaki-cn.com
Motomu Japan http://www.bekkoame.ne.jp/ha/motomu/
Nanjing Health Fishing Tackle Factory China http://www.ec21.com/healthfishingtackle
Neptune Tackle Australia
NEW DAE IL INDUSTRY Korea http://my.ecplaza.net/newdaeil/
NINGBO GAOKE OCEAN EXPLOITATION CO ., LTD China http://www.gaoke-china.com
Ningbo Hi-Tech Park Whale Fishinghook Factory China http://www.china-whale.com
Nissin Japan http://www.u-nissin.co.jp
Pioneer International Tackle Singapore http://www.pioneertackle.com
Pro Fishing Supplies China http://www.osprey-tackles.com
Qingdao Yijia Co.Ltd China http://www.alibaba.com/trade/company/goto/10136558.html
RAMS IDEE LUMINOSE S.a.s. Italy http://www.rams.it
Rich Fishing and Sports Co., Ltd China http://www.richan.cn
Rodio Craft Japan http://www.rodiocraft.co.jp
Sake Lure Japan http://www.sake-lure.jp
SAMSUNG LITEC Co., LTD Korea http://www.samsunglitec.co.kr
SAMYANG FISHING TACKLE CO Korea http://www.samyangf.co.kr
Shakespeare Hengelsport BV Netherlands http://www.shakespeare.nl
Shandong Hirun Investment Group Co., Ltd China http://www.justofishing.com
Shandong Taifeng Co., Ltd China http://www.alibaba.com/company/10228714.html
Shanghai Feng Ye Fishing Tackles Co.,Ltd China http://www.osama.com.cn
Shimano Japan http://fishing.shimano.co.jp
Silver Horde Fishing Supplies USA http://www.silverhorde.com
Siow Chiang & Company Private Limited Singapore http://www.surecatch.com
STOPPIONI s.n.c. Italy http://www.stonfo.com
TechnoFISH Greece http://www.technofish.gr
Trabucco Fishing Diffusion Co. Srl Italy http://www.trabucco.it
Tsuriken Japan http://www.tsuriken.co.jp
Unitika Ltd Japan http://www.unitika.co.jp
Vega Portugal http://www.vega.com.pt
Weihai E-You Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. China http://www.hansonfishing.com
WEIHAI GAWA FISHING TACKLE CO.,LTD China http://www.gawafishing.com
WEIHAI HUASHUO FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD China http://www.huashuofishing.com
WEIHAI S&N FISHING TACKLES SUPPLIER CO., LTD. China http://www.weihaifishingtackle.com.cn
WEIHAI XIYANGYANG SPORTS(FISHING) CO.,LTD. China http://www.xiyangyangfishing.com.cn
WEIHAI YUYANG FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD China http://www.lures-china.com
WINGLI FAN LTD China http://www.asialy.com
Xinghua Prosper Fishing Tackle Factory China http://www.xhprosper.com
XINGHUA SEA-SKY FISHING TACKLE CO.,LTD China http://www.seaskyfishing.net
Xinya fishing tackle factory China http://www.squidhook.com/
Yamashita Japan http://www.yamaria.co.jp
Yanti Yongjin Fishing Tackle Co.,Ltd China http://www.ytyjhook.com
Yes Global Fishinghook Manufacturer China http://tunahook.en.ec21.com/company_info.html
Yo-sari Squid-Jigs Thailand http://www.yo-sari.com
Yo-zuri Japan http://www.duel.co.jp
ZAK TACKLE MFG CO INC USA http://www.zaktackle.com
Zebco Sports Europe Ltd United Kingdom http://www.zebco-europe.net

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Last Modified: 11 July 2006