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#26567 Trying to set up a basic newbie rig for squid fishing.

Posted by slayer666 on 21 July 2013 - 12:48 AM

Hi mate first of all I think the rod you are using is a bit to short if you are fishing landbased. You need a longer rod to cast out those jigs far enough say about 8'6". A good starter rod to get would be a Rovex EGi Squid Wrangler Rod made by Jarvis Walker and they are pretty cheap to. As for the reels and line get a 2500 reel loaded with a good quality braid from Japan say about 10-15lb would be good and leader go about 10lb flurocarbon leader. The reason I say get braid is you have more feel and better casting. As for your jigs visit this guy www.worldfishing.com.au he has high quilty jigs for very cheap. I hope this helps and good luck with your squiding adventures
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#25201 Puget Sound, WA (2012 Season)

Posted by Squidman1 on 03 November 2012 - 06:43 AM

got 5 pounds fishing at 69 last night! Despite the muddy water, gotta use orange jigs to penetrate the mud so the squid can see your jigs! Most luck with an orange jig than the others I had in my box!
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#24588 Newport Ri 2012 Squid Season

Posted by Squid_Man on 04 May 2012 - 11:34 PM

The bite has been sucking because of the Full Moon. It sweeps the bait and squid in and out. The currents are too strong the baitfish and squid are more spread out. The New Moon always supplies the best bite.
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#28134 Puget Sound, WA (2014 season)

Posted by calamariman on 28 September 2014 - 12:23 PM

squids are starting to show at Des Moines Marina. managed to take home about 4-5lbs
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#27896 Newport Ri 2014 Squid Season

Posted by greg ct on 29 May 2014 - 08:31 AM

Thats what I love about going by boat.  I'm the only scum on board, and I don't mind the company.  ;)


Of course, you have fewer days to fish due to wx, but hey, you can't have everything in life.

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#27842 Newport Ri 2014 Squid Season

Posted by Squiderbruce on 21 May 2014 - 11:28 PM

Got almost full bucket of them at the GI last night.
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#27806 Newport Ri 2014 Squid Season

Posted by Snaildarter on 15 May 2014 - 10:56 PM

I took the boat to Pt. Judith where we fished from 6:30-11:30 last night. We filled a 54 qt cooler with all large and jumbo tubes, no mediums or smalls. Drifted around and plucked a dozen while it was still light. Found some concentrations of bait (squid) on the sounder in 26 ft of water not far down the beach out of the West Gap. Anchored up, threw a couple of mini-hydroglows into the water and a chum pot with old frozen spearing. The Francis boat came out and started drifting where we were but much deeper. They drifted past the Charlston Breachway and almost out of sight. They eventually came into where we were and set up a little East of us, just outside the Gap, where they were when we left. Standard Yozuri jigs were the ticket. Color didn’t seem to matter much. They came in waves. We could have filled another cooler if we wanted to spend the night. Am getting to old for that.

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#27679 Newport Ri 2014 Squid Season

Posted by DrCiro on 08 May 2014 - 01:41 AM

Ciro the squid are at the causeway, maybe I'll see you there. Ciao

Maybe this weekend!!

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#27504 Newport Ri 2014 Squid Season

Posted by BillG on 04 April 2014 - 08:35 PM

The water temp in Newport is currently 39.9 degrees as of this morning (ref: http://www.ndbc.noaa...p?station=nwpr1). Last year, it was warmer, earlier. It first hit 50 in mid-April. Then it stalled right around 50. Fishing reports and people seemed to catch handfuls or no squid. People didn't really ever catch much in Newport until the Fall run. Jamestown was catching some in the Spring and the Cape was supposedly great, but I didn't fish either of those areas. As to when squid move in, it is generally accepted that they move in when the water temp gets to 50. As to when the very first squid get here, that's anyone's guess. As an indicator, out on the Cape/Islands, their run usually starts a week or two in advance of Newport. As to how strong the run will be this year, again, that's anybody's guess. The NOAA catch numbers (ref: http://www.nero.noaa...go20140329.html) for squid this year are far higher than the catch numbers for squid last year, so maybe this will be a banner year... or, maybe not. Based on the rate of climb of temperature though, the water has been rising a degree every 3-5 days, so roughly guestimating, it should hit 50 in the end of April or the beginning of May. Sunny days and calm seas should help that along though.

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#25960 Newport Ri 2013 Squid Season

Posted by kutocon on 03 May 2013 - 12:08 AM

At this point NO one needs one!!! No squid to even catch... My opinion everyone should have one if the squid are here, chances are fish are also.The best stripers i got last year was when i was squiding all night and using my catch to cast out for anything that would bit and before sunrise every time i would get striper action. If u are a squiding why not GET ONE to be on safe side like ALGREENJR said why take a chance during a good or even great squiding day. WE are over due for the SQUID. This week for sure :th
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#25662 Newport Ri 2013 Squid Season

Posted by JoshFish32381 on 03 April 2013 - 12:51 AM

I also have a great idea for a powerful light that puts out 1000 watts and only draws 250 watts. Only costs about $55 to make.
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#24452 Newport Ri 2012 Squid Season

Posted by BIGDAWG on 24 April 2012 - 05:15 AM

Cant wait for the weather to break so we can go squidding again :clown:
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#24251 Hyannis MA 2012 Squid Season

Posted by doggie on 02 April 2012 - 07:36 AM

April 1st - Sunny and chilly. Got the boat ready and out on the water for its spring shake out today. Air temperature has dropped dramatically over the past few or more days as compared to 10 days ago. Water temperature has dropped a bit too and where I go for squid it was a cool 44-45 degrees on top. No signs of squid - dipped the pole in for just a short while during my boat test run.

No other signs of life out there either except for the shore birds.
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#24096 Port Hacking Session

Posted by Ojingo on 25 March 2012 - 04:52 PM

Nice catch.

I'm sick of catching southerns though, I can't wait until I move to Swansea so I can enjoy arrow heads.

How big are we talking?
Or do you think they taste better?

I wouldn't mind some cuttles actually.
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#22563 Sydney - NSW

Posted by manmadelebo on 16 June 2011 - 05:53 PM

Jase, there are hundreds of spots if not, thousands of spots in the Harbour that are great for squidding, but there are alot of variables involved with fishing in general as you would know. Maybe your technique isnt right or you are using the wrong gear and jigs?

You dont neccessarily have to try off public wharfs, rock ledges near beaches also produce well. Just make sure you are fishing the right areas with sandy/rocky/weedy bottoms

hey man,

well i have spent alot of money on my squiding as if i go squiding i just target squid and nothing else, I use to catch round 2-3 each night, Picked up around 10 at times around the harbour but as i go to these spots now , the people that went there while i was there ABUSED it seirously buy catching 20-30 squid each night before this there was the other squidders catching same ammount i did and would leave it at that as that is enought, But at this time i tried soo many places and cannot get 1 squid, I was at rosebay, with the ammount of people there i couldnt even get a jig in the water, double bay, edge cliff, same goes for them :( kinda getting over it but would be nice to just have that squid feeling again , i think you no the feeling haha
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#22290 Newport Ri 2011 Squid Season

Posted by 1tym on 17 May 2011 - 07:40 AM

I've heard rumors they could be on the Sakonnet near 3rd beach. Are you using boat and if so where are you launching off? There is hope afterall... :D

you got it.
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#21164 Kuala Rompin Malaysia

Posted by eddvedd on 23 December 2010 - 01:02 PM

Greeting to all. I would like to share my experience sailfish fishing in Kuala Rompin Malaysia. In this trip we manage to land nearly 20 sailfish in 2 days fishing. Kuala Rompin is deemed to be the sailfish fishing capital of Asia, it has one of the best fishing grounds in this region. Other than using live bait, surface popping also can attracted sailfish. Other than sailfish rompin also famous for squid jigging. The most effective squid jig to use in rompin is Yamashita squid jig pink & black color.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Of course we don't snap much picture for squid jigging because we concentrate in sailfishing.

Posted Image

Next trip to rompin i will do snap more picture on squid jigging. Cheers...

Merry christmas & Happy new year

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#21018 perth squidders

Posted by brenz on 05 December 2010 - 01:16 PM

hey guys just a shout out to some fellow perth squidders if your ever keen to go for a bash send us a pm i have a boat aswell but fish still 50/50 land based
cheers brenz
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#20598 Squid Fishing in Burma (Myanmar)

Posted by dieter on 07 October 2010 - 05:20 PM

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The government also charges high prices to connect to the internet.
Many native Burmese do not have the money to pay for this.
As result, you will not find anything - especially chat forums - on Internet
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#27905 Newport Ri 2014 Squid Season

Posted by boxer38z on 30 May 2014 - 09:55 PM

My buddy and I used a LED light stick with a small 12 volt battery pack that will last you entire night on a full charge and very bright for squid. Probably run you about $100 or less for whole set up. Compare to noisy smelly generator which I think it's over kill.
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