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Chengdu fishing - Failed again!

Posted by glen , in Travel 17 October 2010 · 2,329 views

Hey guys,

I went fishing in another river today flowing through the city of Chengdu which is in China's Sichuan Province.

I saw quite a few fish rising and they looked sort of like catfish. Some were quite good size. I tried drifting earth worms over them but had no luck. And I tried bottom fishing near the rising fish but that did not work either.

Oh well that's fishing! Lots of people stopped to offer me advice but since I cannot speak chinese it was not much help! Thanks anyway!

I am off to Shanghai tomorrow. I have the address for a street where the fishing tackle shops are located so i hope i can drop by and take a look.

Happy fishing everyone!!

Cheers, Glen

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Those fish must be very fussy, I reckon unweighted earthworms is an almost failsafe technique for freshwater, especially if you can see the fish. Did you take you fly rod? Teeny weeny nymph maybe?
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No fly rod at the time. I should have done unwaited worms!

Instead I used either worms drifted under a float or I used a sinker on the bottom. Neither worked unfortunately.

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