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May 18th - Newport, RI - Goat Island

Posted by lazypengu1n , 20 May 2011 · 2,123 views

Went out with my buddy Tuan and caught about a dozen squid.

Really slow for me, I only caught 4 while he caught 8.

Once again, I hesitated on bringing my Baitrunner, but at the end I was glad.

Used the first squid I pulled up and catch a 33" Stripe Bass - Whom I've dub'd Larry Birds Twin for the first 33" I caught the weekend before.

Weather has been spotty with bites here and there. The squid don't seem to be going in pods anymore.

I may or may not go back tonight, it all depends on the weather but so far this season is starting off on a great foot. Twin 33" Larry Birds....

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