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Tides and times

Posted by beetle , 02 October 2010 · 2,586 views

Hi All, As I am new to Squid fishing, what is the best tides and time of Day, I will be fishing at St. Leonards Cheers.

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Hi beetle,

Please note that you are more likely to get a response to questions like these in the forum (not in a blog post).

You might like to start off here:


And then go here:


Cheers, Glen
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Thanks Glen, I shall try those sites Cheers Alan.
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the best time to catch is night-time with light. Tides are not interesting. If you like have a look at following link: http://my.opera.com/...w.dml?id=904969

Cheers Dieter
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its good to fish two hours before tide and two hours after tide even buy a couple of squid poles and just leave whiting on the barb dangling mid water to give a bigger chance of catching whilst your casting and retrieving your jig.
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