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frozen seafood ,frozen squid

frozen seafood ,frozen squid

1. Production name: Squid tube --Squid rings2. Species: Illex argentinus; Todarodes pacificus; Ommastrephes bartrami3. Specitification: Tubes--- Clean tube, IQF, tip on or tip off, first ring on or first ring off, Size: U5, U7, U10, 10/15, 15/20Rings - --rings, IQF, Diameter 2/5cm, 3/6cm, 4/8cm4. Minimum order quantity: one 20 feet container5. Packaging: Retail pack or bulk, packed in 10 kg cartons6. Payment: LC, TT7. Shipment: 15 days after contract date8. Contact info: Alina ytalina720 (Skype, yahoo) Cn1000372369™

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