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Hello from Japan

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#1 kamachan



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Posted 24 October 2006 - 09:55 PM

Hello everyone...
First off all I would to introduce myself.

I`m Malaysian (from Terengganu) and now working in Japan. The Japanese people called squid fishing as Eging Game (candat fishing in Malaysia). As you know, this game is play in 2 way, from boat or reef. But in Japan playing Eging from reef is very popular. I`m join play this game (only from reef) about 3 years ago. Its very..very..very intresting. I`m learned many techniques of Reef Eging from Japanese friends, magazines..etc. And now I`m start making my own homemade Egi or squid jig.

I would like to share information about anything related to Eging game or squid fish from Malaysia. I never play this game in Malaysia, but next March, I will be back for a holiday, and would like to try this Eging in Pulau Kapas from shore or reef.

For those who is know well about Candat Sotong in Pulau Kapas, please guide me. And for those who would like to know how Japanese play this Eging from reef of shore, the equipments and etc, lets join me in March.
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#2 glen


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Posted 25 October 2006 - 08:48 AM

hi kamachan,

welcome to the forum. i am looking forward to hearing about squid fishing techniques used in japan. if you know any "tricks" that have not previously been mentioned on this site it would be great if you could share them with us.

cheers, glen :cry:
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#3 Jazman



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Posted 25 October 2006 - 09:33 AM

Welcome to the forum Kamachan
I agree with Glen, if there are any tricky techniques you know it would be great if you could let us know them too :cry: I would imagine the japanese squid are pretty smart if there is a lot of people fishing for them
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#4 kamachan



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Posted 25 October 2006 - 03:01 PM

Thank you to Admin, Mr glen to transfer my posting and guide me to this section. I would like to apologize because make an introduction in wrong section. One more thing, I'm not good enough writing in English, I try to do my best, so if you found some grammar error or cannot understand what I want to say...please forgive me.

There are a lot of skills and techniques playing Eging game. I'm not allready read all the section in this forum yet, so I do not know what the "tricks" that have been mentioned in this site previously. For the beginners its quite difficult to understand on how to play this game. My experience, first time I saw people play it, its quite easy...yes easy in my eyes, but when I practiced it, its so difficult at the first time. Its take about 1 month to get accustomed with it. For 1 month I lost about 10 Egi's.

Basically for the beginner, you just cast the jig, wait and countdown the time (untill it reach the bottom), jerk while retrieve (about 5-10 times, depends on the depth of sea), then free fall and countdown again, repeats this way untill it reach the beach or reef. I know lot of forumers in this site know well this basic technique. But for those who just begin play this game from reef or shore, first of all accustome yourself to make the "Jerk while Retrieve" , because by do this you can manipulate the other style on the next level.

Once you master it we can go to the next level. The other tricks that I can say for the beginning, is like..
  • Lazy Jerk
  • Crazy Jerk and Twitch.
  • Darting Twitch Action.
  • Wide Swing.
  • Double Jerk or Swing.
  • Deadly Slow Retrieve
It is difficult to explain the style or trick by writing. It is easy to learn from the instructor or profesional. You can see and practice them together. I have entered the Eging Competition last May, after the competition we have some Eging Class which conducted by the pro instructor from Kanji International company (Clicks Egi) and the pro staff of Harimitsu company. They are profesional. Make me freezing watching their style!
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#5 landshark



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Posted 13 April 2007 - 01:29 PM

i'm in Japan too, i am trying to learn more about eging as well.
where are you?
i am in Nagoya.
Good luck with the fishing
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