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Giant Squid Videos Japanese Research Success!

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Posted 20 February 2007 - 04:24 PM

This is probably one of the biggest squid stories of the year. Expect to see it on TV soon! The Japanese have successfully filmed live Giant Squid and have revealed that they can glow in the dark (aka bioluminescence)!

Also, 5 videos have been put on the web for all to view.

See below for a technical summary of the Research and a link to the full article and the 5 videos.

For a more light hearted version, see the links to the related news stories below.

Cheers, Glen :o

Observations of wild hunting behaviour and bioluminescence of a large deep-sea, eight-armed squid, Taningia danae

Tsunemi Kubodera, Yasuhiro Koyama and Kyoichi Mori

Our newly developed underwater high definition video camera system took the first live images of adults
of the mesopelagic large squid, Taningia danae, between 240 and 940 m deep off Ogasawara Islands,
western North Pacific. The resulting footage includes attacking and bioluminescence behaviours, and
reveals that T. danae is far from the sluggish neutrally buoyant deep-sea squid previously suspected. It can
actively swim both forward and backward freely by flapping its large muscular triangular fins and changes
direction quickly through bending its flexible body. It can attain speeds of 2–2.5 m sK1 (7.2–9 km hK1)
when attacking bait rigs. They emitted short bright light flashes from their large arm-tip photophores
before final assault, which might act as a blinding flash for prey as well as a means of measuring target
distance in a dark deep-sea environment. They also emitted long and short glows separated by intervals
while wandering around the double torch lights attached to the bait rig, suggestive of potential courtship
behaviours during mating.

Full Article: Attached File  giantsquid.pdf   295.81KB   770 downloads

5 Videos of live giant squid [Copyright Royal Society 2006]:


To watch the videos you will need to have Quicktime on your computer: http://www.apple.com...ktime/download/

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