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Landing Squid From A Jetty

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#1 Kahless



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Posted 29 January 2009 - 07:42 AM

I am going squid fishing for the first time next week from a Jetty. I've got all my gear and a few jigs, but the one question that is bugging me and I can't seem to find an answer on is how do you get the aquid from the water up to the jetty, which in my case is a couple of meters, without getting covered in ink?

I figure if you lift them in the air by the jig, the area that squirts the Ink is looking right at you.

As this is my first Squidding expedition, I don't really want to go buying expensive equipment, and I figure my normal fishing Gaff won't really work much. What do you guys use?

I was imagining having a broom stick or telescopic rod with the whole bait type jag attached to the end so I can swipe at the body and then lift them up while they quirt into the water.

I have also read somewhere that when a squid squirts ink into the water it can make the other squid wary. Is it a no win situation?

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#2 Jazman



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Posted 29 January 2009 - 03:36 PM

You will usually find that the squid expel most of their ink in the water before you land them. I think it is unlikely that you will cop a squirt from 2 metres below. :th

You can use a regular landing net attached to an extension like PVC pipe or aluminium tubing - I have used a setup like this to successfully land squid from a pier 3 metres above the water. Some anglers also use a yabby/crab drop net attached to a rope, which can be lowered to just below the surface of the water, then the squid manouvered over the net, which is then lifted back up to the jetty.

You can also buy squid gaffs which are similar to what you describe (telescopic pole with mulitple barbs on the end).

A lot of people simply lift the squid up onto the pier directly without using a net or gaff - this does work but you will lose the ones which are only lightly hooked.

I have never had problems with ink in the water putting other squid off - I sometimes use the ink stains in the water from a hooked squid to pinpoint where to cast for my next hookup. :)
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