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Squidding On Okinawa

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#1 Squidward-son



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Posted 02 June 2009 - 09:48 PM

Greetings from Okinawa. I am new to Okinawa and newer to squid fishing!

Can anyone give a beginner advise on how to catch squid and cuttlefish on Okinawa? I live near the Higa River and Cape Zanpa and would like to catch some.

1. Do I need to fish from a boat or can I fish from a harbor or a seawall?

2. Night or day?

3. What months are best?

4. What kind of tackle and line should I use?

I'd appreciate any help you can give. Squid on!
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#2 namyau



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Posted 03 June 2009 - 10:00 AM

hey mate

ive never been to japan before but from what i have seen in the japanese "eging" dvds is that majority of it is done landbased. If you can speak japanese then hit up some tackle stores they should be able to tell you what you need and the general areas to go to. or you can just go on recon missions and look for ink marks on the ground heheheh.

from what ive been told squid are more active during cooler weather so you'd be in summer now and the chances of getting squid would be harder, but they should still be around. squid are pretty much active during day and night. in aus i fish nights more (due to work constraints) but the benifits of fishing day time is you can sight cast to them.

being in japan you will have access to heaps of japanese brands. id start by going to the tackle stores and looking at eging rods and reels the rods have different tapers to a normal rod. but even just a handline with squid jig will work. some of the better jap brands would be majorcraft, olympic/graphiteleader for rods, daiwa and shimano for reels, as for jigs there are heaps but the better ones would be breaden, yamashita, yozuri. you'll need some good line as weel something like sunline egi ms or something in the pe 0.6-0.8 is good and good quality leader (flurocarbon is what i use). i also use snap clips (saves having to re tie the jigs on) get something like decoy egg snaps in size 00-1.5

if i were there and had access to the good stuff id be getting something like a graphiteleader calamaretti nuvo and matching either a daiwa emaraldas 2506 or shimano sephia ci4. at the moment im using a majorcraft raycal (which is a pretty good rod) and daiwa egee 2506 with basshard 6lb pe and about a 8lb-12lb fluro leader. i use jigs between 2.0-3.0

hope this helps -
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