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Fishing rod on board?

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Posted 13 March 2013 - 06:23 PM

Hi all, I'm currently on holiday in hong kong and would like to purchase some squid gear to use back in Melbourne unfortunately cathaypacifics contact numbers are all "talk to the machine" with no customer service to chat to, I was wondering, does anyone know if they are permitted to be brought on board? I've done some research, and the general public says they are allowed as long as it is just the rod and no hook attach, problem is what's the maximum length? I'm. Looking at the shimano sephia bb r and it's roughly 1.3m max this length is obviously longer than the cabin baggage allowance limit but... Yeah. Anyone?

Also about this rod, I went to the stores today and had a look, much cheaper over here in hk 1100 HkD (140 aud) problem is when I had a peek at the description along the side of the box it clearly says china twice.. The entire description is in Japanese however country names are written in kanji in Japan and kanji is basically Chinese characters, hence I'm able to read and translate the word China on it.. Question here is are all of said rod made in china? If they are then I shouldn't have a problem buying it, but if not and say there are ones made in japan, is there a big difference? This is just abit confusing cos if I had not been able to read the Chinese characters 'China' on the description I'd totally would think the rod is made in japan (cos everything is in Japanese!) I'm also looking at the sephia bb c3000mhshg ( the one with a longer model name and double actin handle thingy :P)

ATM I have a telescopic shimano spin rod from the same store that's blue and has the name holiday pack on it with label 10-270t, and a c3000 accort shimano as well, these are obviously entry equip (592+292 HkD) reason I'd like the sephia is its not a telescopic rod and it has good review for squidding, though it's gonna be my all purpose pier/lake/pond rod.. Can anyone advise on this? Obviously I need to find out if it's even allowed onboard ( the tele will definitely make it @ 65cm ish) just with this this long tele rod the action seem quite slow and the fishes here on the shores of hk don't get much bigger than 45cm.. Can anyone tell me what the sephia bb r is like? And which one I should get? I.e 806m/mh/ml 800 etc...

Btw I'm actually totally new to fishing, been melt down under the sun with ultra tan but have yet to land a fish bigger than 15cm lol

Thanks in advance!

Thanks in advance!
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