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Squid Books - Published 1500-1899

(1566). The discription of a rare or rather most monstrous fishe taken on the east cost of Holland the. xvii. of Nouember, anno 1566: The workes of God how great and straunge they be a picture plaine behold heare may you see. Imprinted at London, In Pawles Churchyarde by Thomas Purfoote at the signe of the Lucrece.

(1886). Drying squid at the chinese fishery, Monterey, Calif.

Appellöf Jakob Johan, A. (1886). Japanska Cephalopoder. Med tre taflor, Stockholm.

Brazier, J. C. M. Z. S. F. L. S. and M. Australian (1892). Catalogue of the marine shells of Australia and Tasmania. Sydney, Charles Potter, Government Printer.

Brooks, W. K. (1880). The development of the squid loligo pealii (Lesueur). Boston, [s.n.].

Buckman, J. (1875). On the Cephalopoda Bed and the Oolite Sands of Dorset and part of Somerset. (From the Somersetshire Archæological and Natural History Society's Proceedings.). Taunton, F. May.

Carus, J. V. (1885). Prodromus faunae mediterraneae, sive Descriptio animalium maris Mediterranei incolarum: quam comparata silva rerum quatenus innotuit, adiectis locis et nominibus vulgaribus eorumque auctoribus. Stuttgart, E. Schweizerbart.

Edwards, F. E. and S. V. Wood (1877). A monograph of the eocene cephalopoda and univalves of England, London.

Edwards Frederic, E. (1877). Eocene cephalopoda and univalves of England. [S.l.], The Palaeontographical Society.

Foord Arthur, H. (1897). Monograph of the Carboniferous Cephalopoda of Ireland. [With plates.].

Forbes, E. and S. Hanley (1853). A history of British Mollusca, and their shells. London, J. Van Voorst.

Gessner, C. (1558). The spiral shell of a Nautilus mollusc. Tiguri [Zurich], C. Froschoverus [C.Froschauer].

Gray, J. E. and Z. British Museum. Dept. of (1849). Catalogue of the Mollusca in the collection of the British museum. London, Printed by order of the Trustees.

Hoyle, W. E. (1884). On Loligopsis and some other Genera. [Edinburgh, Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh.

Hoyle, W. E. (1885). Note on Lologo Forbesii, Steenstrup, the so-called L. vulgaris of our coasts. [Edinburgh, Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh.

Hoyle, W. E. (1886). A catalogue of recent Cephalopoda. Edinburgh, The Royal Physical Society.

Hoyle William, E. (1886). Report on the Cephalopoda collected by H.M.S. Challenger during. 1873-1876.

Jeffreys, J. G. (1869). British conchology: or an account of the Mollusca which now inhabit the British Isles and the surrounding seas. London, John Van Voorst.

Oldham, T. and India (1866). Catalogue of the organic remains belonging to the Cephalopoda, in the museum of the Geological Survey, etc. [By T. Oldham.], Calcutta.

Verrill, A. E. (1868). Review of the corals and polyps of the west coast of America. [s.l., s.n.

Verrill, A. E. (1875). The colossal cephalopods of the North Atlantic. CIHM/ICMH Microfiche series = CIHM/ICMH collection de microfiches; no. 62221. [S.l., s.n.

Verrill, A. E. (1880). The cephalopods of the north-eastern coast of America. [New Haven, Connecticut], [s.n.].

Verrill, A. E. (1882). Report on the cephalopods of the northeastern coast of America. CIHM/ICMH Microfiche series = CIHM/ICMH collection de microfiches; no. 14745. Washington, G.P.O.

Waagen, W. H. (1873). Cephalopoda, Calcutta.

Wiltshire, T. (1867). On the chief groups of the caphalopoda. [Herefored, Stephen Austin].

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