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Squid Books - Published 1900-1949

(1909). [Fish trap]. Woods Hole, Mass., Marine Biological Laboratory.

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Irvin, J. L. and D. W. Wilson (1939). Studies on octopine. I. The synthesis and titration curve of octopine. II. The nitrogenous extractives of squid and octopus muscle. III. The precursor of octopine in autolyzing scallop muscle. Philadelphia.

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Kerr, J. G., M. W. Jepps, et al. (1931). Notes upon the Dana specimens of Spirula and upon certain problems of cephalopod morphology. Copenhagen; London, Gyldendalske boghandel: Wheldon & Wesley, ltd.

Massy Anne, L. (1916). Mollusca. Part II. Cephalopoda, etc.

Miller Arthur, K. (1932). The Cephalopods of the Bighorn Formation of the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming.

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