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Squid Books - Published 1990-1994

Baverstock, J. (1991). Biochemistry of visual transduction in squid photoreceptors, University of Oxford.

Berger, M. and K. Oechsli (1991). Stranger than fiction. Sea monsters. New York, N.Y., Avon Books.

Discusses large or unusual inhabitants of the sea, including the killer whale, electric eel, giant squid, and coelacanth.

Berry D'Anna, J., L. Lyons-Carter Jennifer, et al. (1992). Information resources for reptiles, amphibians, fish, and cephalopods used in biomedical research, United States Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Library Animal Welfare Information Center.

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Boyle, P. R. and G. J. Pierce (1994). Fishery biology of northeast Atlantic squid. Amsterdam, Elsevier.

Boyle, P. R. and W. Universities Federation for Animal (1991). The UFAW handbook on the care and management of cephalopods in the laboratory. South Mimms, Universities Federation for Animal Welfare.

Brierley, A. S. (1992). Aspects of genetic diversity and population structure in squid.

Brown, E. R. (1992). Axon-Schwann cell interaction in the squid.

Cervigón, F. and O. Food and Agriculture (1993). Field guide to the commercial marine and brackish-water resources of the northern coast of South America. Rome, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Conway, S. (1994). Expression and mutagenesis studies on the squid visual receptor. Leeds, [Universtiy of Leeds].

Copyright Collection (Library of Congress) (1994). Undersea life--exploring the Northeast. Vol. I. [United States, Mott Media, Inc.].

This video presents an underwater tour of the Northeast, from shallow tidal pools and estuaries which border the coastline to offhsore shipwrecks. It follows the North American lobster as it prowls the night waters. Free divers hunt for the striped bass. Marine animals, like squid, horseshoe crabs and skates, are used in modern medicine. The video shows harbor seals and fish such as monkfish, sea ravens and flounder.

Cornwell, C. J. (1991). The innervation of cephalopod chromatophores.

Cunningham, S., M. Bertignac, et al. (1992). The Moroccan cephalopod fishery: bioeconomics and management. Portsmouth, Centre for Marine Resource Economics, University of Portsmouth.

Flusser, V., L. Bec, et al. (1993). Vampyroteuthis infernalis: eine Abhandlung samt Befund des Institut scientifique de recherche paranaturaliste. Göttingen, European Photography.

Gilbert, D. L., W. J. Adelman, et al. (1990). Squid as experimental animals. New York; London, Plenum.

Hatfield Emma Maria, C. (1992). Recruitment, demography and growth of the Patagonian squid Loligo gahi (D'Orbigny, 1835) in Falkland Island waters, Council for National Academic Awards.

Infofish and Eurofish (1992). Squid '91: 2nd World cephalopod conference: Papers. London, Agra Europe.

Jereb, P., S. Ragonese, et al. (1991). Squid age determination using statoliths: procedings of the International Workshop held in the Istituto di tecnologia della pesca e del pescato. Mazara del Vallo, Italy, N.T.R.-I.T.P.P.

King, A. H. (1990). Lower and middle Ordovician Cephalopoda of Baltoscandia.

Lesley, D. J. (1990). An examination into squid inclusion levels in nursey feeds for their acceptability and nutritional quality; including an overview of Penaeus monodon (Fabricus) laval chemoreceptors on feeding appendages.

Liu, S. (1994). Signal transduction in the squid photoreceptor membrane. Leeds, [University of Leeds].

Martin, J. (1993). Tentacles: the amazing world of octopus, squid, and their relatives. New York, Crown Publishers.

Introduces the defense mechanisms, reproduction, and other characteristics of such cephalopods as the octopus, squid, nautilus, and cuttlefish.

Miller, J. and W. H. Lizars (1993). Fish tales: stories from the sea. Harrisburg, PA, Stackpole Books.

Mills, D. D. (1994). Deliver us from squid row. Huntington, WV, Aegina Press.

Okutani, T., T. Kubodera, et al. (1993). Recent advances in cephalopod fisheries biology: contributed papers to 1991 CIAC International Symposium and proceedings of the Workshop on Age, Growth and Population Structure. Tokyo, Tokai University Press.

Perez Jose Angel, A. and U. Dalhousie (1994). The early life history of the short-finned squid, Illex illecebrosus (Cephalopoda ommastrephidae), as reconstructed from the gladius structure. Canadian theses on microfiche = Th├Ęses Canadiennes. Halifax, N.S., Dalhousie University.

Poppe, G. T. and Y. Goto (1991). European seashells. Wiesbaden, Verlag Christa Hemmen.

Portner, H. O., R. K. O'Dor, et al. (1994). Physiology of cephalopod molluscs: lifestyle and performance adaptations. Basel, Gordon and Breach.

Roper, C. F. E. and C. C. Lu (1990). Comparative morphology and function of dermal structures in oceanic squids (Cephalopoda). Washington, D.C., Smithsonian Institution Press.

Sanger, J. M., J. W. Sanger, et al. (1990). Cell motility and the cytoskeleton, video supplement 2

microtubule-based motility. [New York], Wiley-Liss.

Illustrates examples of cell motility and the cytoskeleton, from the best research of the part 40 years. To accompany the journal Cell motility and the cytoskeleton, vol. 17, no. 4, 1990.

Sonu, S. C. and United States. National Marine Fisheries Service. Southwest Region. (1993). Japan's squid market. Long Beach, Calif., U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service, Southwest Region.

Steele, P. (1991). Fish. [Englewood Cliffs, NJ], J. Messner.

Discusses those underwater creatures which can be harmful to humans, such as jellyfish, electric eels, and sharks.

Sweeney Michael, J. and C. Cephalopod International Advisory, Eds. (1992). "Larval" and juvenile cephalopods: a manual for their identification: Workshop: Revised papers. Washington, D.C., Smithsonian Institution Press.

Wadley, V. A., R. Swainston, et al. (1990). Squid from the West and North West Slope Deepwater Trawl fisheries. North Beach, W.A., CSIRO Division of Fisheries.

Washington (State). Dept. of Fisheries. (1991). The Tantalizing squid, and public piers listings. Olympia, Wash., State of Washington, Dept. of Fisheries.

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