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Spearfishing ban during May

Posted by spearfishinglog , 06 May 2011 · 1,679 views

Hi guys,
Its May and here in Cyprus spearfishing is prohibited by Law during May. Goverment says its the month when fish reproduce so they pass this law to protect fish. Funny thing though, this law only applies to spearos. Professional trawlers, nets and other fishing methods are allowed to fish non stop. Obviously they had to “show” that they were doing something for the environment so they choose to hit the group of spearos since we are not organised in a solid group with powerful voice. Honestly i wouldn’t mind if the ban had some professional research behind it, because its extremely difficult to believe that all fish species reproduce only during May. A more scientific approach would have been more welcomed ie Sea Bass reproduce during December and January so Ban Seabass fishing in that period and so on.

Anyway the only good thing out of this Ban is that it gave me time to convert some of my spearfishing footage into digital format for youtube:)
The clip below is the first of this batch, lots more will follow, keep watching and for those who can still spearfish in May, Safe Dives always with a buddy!!

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