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Hiring A Boat For Squidding - Ppb

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#1 Calamarine



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Posted 19 September 2006 - 03:33 AM

Has anyone ever hired a boat to target squid in the bay? im real keen to do this, as my only current option is landbased.

Ive read alot of reports from another site online, of ppl hiring boats from 2 well known businesses in Mordialloc and catching pinkies, some big snapper, salmon, gars and occasionally squid.

so i started wondering whether there were any hire boat services located between mornington and portsea, so i could gain access to some better squidding areas than mordialloc.

i havnt found any boat hire below m'nington so far, so if i end up taking a boat out from Mordi instead, id love to hear any advice from ppl on any good spots which are in that stretch of water.

i dont know how much fuel the hire boats use, but im guessing that they cant travel all that far. so itd be pretty insane to try and motor out too far, whizz past frankston and rye and then drift out to bass strait with an empty tank, never to be seen again;-)

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#2 Jazman



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Posted 19 September 2006 - 09:41 AM

The hire boats that go out from Mordialloc are mostly "putt putt" boats - very slow, and I think they are limited to a 2km distance from where you launch from. You would have no worries about geting lost/swept out to sea. In my opinion, if you are serious about catching some big squid you should get in contact with John at Gone Fishing charters - he leaves from Queenscliff and gets some monster squid in season. It might be a little more expensive than hiring a putt putt from Mordialloc, but you'll do a lot better and might get some nice fish as well.

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#3 salmon-king



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Posted 19 September 2006 - 11:39 AM

Jonh at Gone fishing is good value.

From Mordi, you can hire a boat from Alnut boat hire. Good price and a decent boat.
Very helpful with info on where/if the squid are on. 9580-1273.
There are some decent weed beds to drift along to the right of the pier.

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#4 Calamarine



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Posted 19 September 2006 - 12:13 PM

cheers guys!

yeah, my next option after hiring a boat would be to go out on a charter. ive heard lots of good things about gone fishing charters;-) has anyone tried matt Cini's Reel Time fishing charters(there were some nice pics posted a few wks back of some squid he and others caught...not sure whether it was a private trip tho)

My only previous charter fishing trip was well over 15 years ago was in Eden.

everyone on the boat caught different types of fish of varying sizes, snapper, morwong, trevally, whiting, perch and were all quite pleased, until we got back to dock.....

the skipper and crew then decided to hurry us all off the boat, and just dished out little bags of fish to everyone- ignoring requests by many of us, to be able to keep at least ONE of the actual fish u caught yourself.

so unfortunatley ive never bothered wth a charter since then!

I was just unlucky i was out on a dodgy boat. good reports of charters in melbourne have restored my faith:-)

SK- yes it was allnut boat hire that i read about. ill b checkin these guys out for sure. i hope there is a good run of salmon for spring and summer (dont know too much about these guys breeding patterns etc)
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